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Vikan Quality Dish Brushes Made in Denmark $11.95

Price: $11.95

Vikan Dish Brushes are top quality "Made in Denmark" products designed to wash your dishes quickly and efficiently.

Vikan Quality Hand Brush/Nailbrush $13.95

Price: $13.95

The large dimensions of this nailbrush facilitates quick effective nail and hand cleaning. The bristles are stiff enough to be effective but fine enough to reach under the nail area without causing damage to the skin. The hole in the base allows you to link a stainless steel...[more]

Vikan Round Hand Scrub Brush (Ergonomic) $29.95

Price: $29.95

Effectively scrub and clean conveyor belts, food containers and more with this sturdy Round Hand Scrub, featuring an ergonomic design that lets you apply more pressure to the brush during use.