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Bona Tile, Laminate & Stone Floor Spray Mop Complete $92.95

Price: $92.95

Clean your Tile, Laminate & Stone floor quickly & effortlessly with a Bona Spray Mop. Call into our shop at 283 High St Kew for a no obligation demonstration.

Bona Wood Floor Spray Mop Complete $92.95

Price: $92.95

Bona Wood Floor Spray Mop is ergonomic and simple to use. The Spray Mop has an integrated 850ml cleaner cartridge and trigger spray function. Forget filling up a bucket, just spray and clean in one sweep. The cleaner cartridge can be refilled from the handy 2.5 Litre refill...[more]

Citro Clean 4 Litre $85.00

Price: $85.00

Multi-purpose cleaner, deodorises & disinfects, environmentally friendly, natural ingredients, fresh natural aroma.

Classique Toilet Paper 700 Sheet 2 Ply 48 Rolls "SOLD OUT"

CODE: K2V700

Price: $60.00

Classique 2 Ply Toilet Paper 700 Sheets 10cm x 10cm Re-order code K2V700 This product is one of the most economical products on the market!

Deodorant Blocks - "Fresha" - Mens Urinals 4kg Tub $61.95

CODE: 11725-16FRE

Price: $61.95

Fresha Deodorant Blocks are suitable for use in mens urinals to deodorise unwanted odours. Suitable for use in Household & Industrial applications. The blocks (25gram) do not crumble, stick or dissolve in water. They are also Biodegradable.

Ettore Backflip Window Cleaning Tool 10" $98.95

CODE: 71100

Price: $98.95

The Ettore Backflip is the best tool on the market to quickly clean your windows inside and out! Simply wash your glass with the washer, flip tool around and squeegee off the dirty water! That's all you need to do to achieve 'CLEAN' windows!

Feather Duster Genuine Ostrich No.10 Extendable $54.95


Price: $54.95

These genuine Ostrich feather dusters are great for dusting your fine/delicate ornaments around your home or office!

Products found: 27